Who are we?

7BY24 Enterprises Inc. was founded by Russ Milland many years ago to capitalize on the development of his personal knowledge and expertise and those of a select group of associates in his network of seasoned business professionals who share or complement his personal mission and goals. Our extensive network of seasoned resources allows us to bring many disciplines to bear on challenging client problems.

What do we do?

We are consultants, coaches, mentors, teachers, trainers and educators who work with clients to implement change at the personal, team, organizational or enterprise level. Change management is the core of what we do. General system engineering is a powerful discipline which focuses on the coordinated management of the wide variety of resources in order to accomplish the mission and goals of an enterprise, team or individual through effective change. These resources typically include people, organizational structures, information, technology and processes.

Russ Milland has built on his roots as a professional engineer to broaden his personal knowledge and expertise to include following disciplines:

  • Business (process) design and optimization
  • Organizational design, development and optimization
  • Personal and professional performance development
  • Integration of advanced information processing and computer technologies into business systems
Why do we do it?

The 7BY24 teams are passionate about using knowledge from many different disciplines to help clients to implement change holistically. Our decades of collective experience have brought us the array of powerful approaches, tools and models that allow us to quickly satisfy our clients’ needs.

Where do we provide our services?

We are headquartered in southern Ontario in Canada but are highly experienced in taking advantage of web-based technologies to build virtual teams who can reach anywhere in support of our clients.

How do we deliver our services?

We believe that there are two critical aspects of business that one must get right to compete and succeed. They are first having a service or product design that meets the client’s needs. The second is having the processes and procedures in place necessary to deliver these products and services efficiently and quickly. We walk like we talk. Therefore, we are obsessed with using only the very best processes and procedures when delivering to a client’s requirements. Our processes are innovative and disciplined.

When do we deliver our results?

We also strongly believe in working to timelines with milestones as a key to effective project delivery. Delivering on time is a core passion.

Contact Information:

If you would like to share your challenging business opportunities, issues or problems with us and open a dialogue about the possibility of quickly and efficiently developing pragmatic yet innovative solutions to them, contact Russ Milland as follows:

Russell S. Milland
7BY24 Enterprises Inc.


(905) 469-3373 (bus)
(416) 884-0581 (cell)

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